CGS Group

Designed for precision rifle shooting, the new CGS Group Hyperion FS (Full Size) and Hyperion-K offer maximum suppression, maximum durability and minimum blowback while reducing muzzle flash and minimally affecting point-of-impact shift. Optimized for 7.62mm ammunition, the Hyperion models are rated up to .300 RUM.

Constructed of 3-D printed titanium for a lightweight but durable suppressor, the Hyperion FS measures 9.5” long and weighs 15.1oz., while the shorter Hyperion-K spans just 6.4” while scaling 10.5oz. Both suppressors are 1.75” in diameter. Two front end caps are available, including a low profile and a vented end cap.

Available for preorder from Silencer Shop, MSRP is $1,379 for the Hyperion FS and $1,129 for the Hyperion-K.

For more info:, Ph: (575) 736-2474