Magwell Mounts Brass Goat


Goats are well known for their gustatory proclivities. The males, known as billies, are especially prone to chew on anything alive or dead, organic or not, it doesn’t matter. They don’t actually eat things like tin cans or gloves but their curious nature often causes them to sample such fare. Thus, Magwell mounts chose a good name for their AR brass catcher.

Such devices have been around for years but most brass catchers present significant drawbacks — they are fiddly and often invoke malfunctions. Now, with this “Next Generation AR Brass Catcher,” Magwell has finally figured out a simple, non-fiddly way to capture shell casings without affecting rifle action.

The catcher is simplicity itself — you slide the polymer catcher clip to the front of the AR magazine well and it’s ready to go. When the device is full, you drop the Brass Goat’s “magazine” and empty it. Slap in a new full magazine of bullets into the gun, an empty magazine into the brass goat and you’re ready to rock and roll.

In testing, my Rock River Arms carbine performed flawlessly and the brass catcher, while adding some bulk to the right side of the rifle, stayed in place. I can’t vouch for performance in an all-out “run-n-gun” competitive stage but the whole rig clings like a remora and would probably stay put, happily eating brass like its namesake.
MSRP: $39.99

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