Magnetic Gun Mount by Allen

Keep the handgun handy but hidden

Mount By Allen

The Magnetic Gun Mount by Allen is widely available at “big box” retailers and includes not only the magnet but also an array of mounting options and even a screwdriver!

Working from my home office, my desk is midway between two exterior doors, each about five yards away. I’m not anticipating a break-in but I would be foolish to be unprepared since I live in suburban America where crime seems to know no boundaries. Instead of having my little .327 Magnum revolver lying on my desk, I’d prefer having it handy, but hidden. This is why the Magnetic Gun Mount by the Allen Company caught my eye as I was cruising through the sporting goods section of my neighborhood big box retailer the other day. On an impulse I threw it in the shopping cart but the way it fills the bill for my particular need makes me glad I did.

In the box, I found a powerful 35 lb.-rated, rubber-coated magnet 3″x1.375″ and a mounting kit including screws, dry-wall anchors and even a screwdriver. Also included was a handy strip of two-sided tape to hold the magnet in place while getting the screws started. This magnet solution worked perfectly because my desk is adapted from a table without drawers. I contemplated several different mounting locations before choosing one just outside my most comfortable open-knee position but within perfect reach of my shooting hand

Mount By Allen

Hidden but handy: Don’t mess around Dave’s office because he’s got a nasty surprise hidden nearby for any visiting criminals!

As with anything gun related, there were warnings about keeping loaded guns out of the reach of children, etc. I live in an all-adult household, rarely visited by children. My grandchildren are aged 12 and up, all trained in the use of firearms and all owning at least one of their own. You’ll have to decide for yourself where it’s safe to use one or more of these handy little magnets if you decide it’s a solution for you. If we were to get a visit by a family with young children, naturally the revolver will be put up in a safe location, probably my pocket.

These magnets are quite versatile. You could use a couple of them to mount a shotgun or rifle to the wall or several in your safe to hold the firearms in position. There are lots of other potential uses, gun and non-gun related, for these handy little magnets selling for around $15.

The Allen Company has been around since 1970 and manufactures a variety of outdoor products, some co-branded by Ruger and Remington. They are dedicated to preserving the outdoor way of life and are proud supporters of the NRA, National Sports Shooting Foundation, Congressional Sportsman Association and the U.S. Sportsman Alliance.

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