Long-Range Recording with TACTACAM Spotter LR


As long-range shooting has grown in popularity, so have the optics and accessories that make it possible. Previously specializing in bow, shotgun and fishing pole-mountable video cameras to capture every hunt and catch, TACTACAM has entered the spotting scope camera market with the new Spotter LR.

A 4K camera with 4x digital zoom, the Spotter LR utilizes a quick snap adapter and multiple sizing shims to easily fit any spotting scope on the market. The camera also features a flip-up LCD HD screen to alleviate eye strain and watch every shot in real-time clarity, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a micro SD card slot (128GB max) for storing recorded videos.

The Spotter LR is also capable of pairing with a dedicated TACTACAM mobile app or Wi-Fi to download and share recorded videos directly from the on-board micro SD card.

Weighing just 9 oz., the Tactacam Spotter LR is perfect for hunting, scouting, guides and outfitters, target shooters and nature watchers. MSRP is $299.99.

For more info: tactacam.com, Ph: (844) 482-2822