Long Range Hunter


The AccuFit-enhanced Model 110 LRH allowed Mark to adjust the stock to fit perfectly, >br> making off-hand and bench work comfy — and accurate.

Accuracy-proven: All loads tested shot minute-of-elk — some much less.

It seems Savage is always building a better mousetrap. Over the years their Model 110 series has undergone steady enhancements such as the addition of the AccuTrigger for example. Now there’s the AccuFit system.

Just what is it? Well, it allows the shooter to adjust comb height and length of pull. The user-adjustable system can be customized to fit almost any shooter without visiting the local gunsmith. AccuFit adjustable components are included with the rifle — the only tool you’ll need is a Phillips screwdriver.

Fit Equals Hit

Competitive shotgunners understand the importance of a proper fitting stock when it comes to shooting hundreds or thousands of rounds in competition. Without perfect stock fit, shooters will get beat up from recoil and won’t be able to shoot to their potential. Rifle competitors are in the same boat and hunters are no different. A rifle that fits will be a joy to shoot and consistent accuracy will follow.

Comb height can be altered by five different riser settings, adjustable in 1/8″ increments. You simply select the proper riser for perfect check-to-stock contact. When you shoulder a rifle, a proper fit allows your line of sight to be perfectly parallel to the scope. If you’re shooting at game, you’ll be getting a full field of view without having to raise or lower your head to acquire precise alignment. With the proper comb height, target acquisition will be fast and consistent.

Length of pull — the distance from your inner elbow to the middle of your trigger finger — is also fully adjustable by using up to four inserts. Simply remove the screws from the buttstock, remove the recoil pad, attach the proper LOP insert to the end of the buttstock, then re-attach the recoil pad with the proper-length screws. It’s so easy even I can do it.

These plastic inserts weigh practically nothing so your Model 110 won’t become unbalanced. This system was designed to maintain proper balance with the barrel regardless of the number of inserts attached. Changing climates or heavy clothing won’t be an issue — you can add or remove inserts to ensure proper eye relief while maintaining proper fit. The AccuFit system will allow you to shoulder the gun quickly, and consistently align your eye with the scope without having to move your head around to obtain the correct field of view. And even when additional inserts are used, the Model 110 still looks like a hunting rifle, not some tactical or long-range competitive rig.

Three new offerings from Federal were tested in the Model 110 LRH once
Mark installed Bushnell’s Engage 4-16X variable.

The Model 110 LRH comes with a hinged floorplate. Magazine holds three .300 Win. Mag. rounds.

Long Range Hunter

While the ergonomically enhanced AccuFit system will please shooters, there’s more to like about the new, improved Model 110. Even though it’s been around since 1958, it’s found favor in the hands of serious hunters. Regardless of your needs, there’s probably a Model 110 variant for you — Hunter, Storm, Varmint, Tactical, Predator, Scout, Bear Hunter, Wolverine, or the Long Range Hunter like the one I used for this article.

Other features found on the Model 110 include a floating bolt head, zero-tolerance headspacing, and precision button-rifled barrels. My test Model 110 LRH came in a gray synthetic stock with a soft textured grip on the forend and pistol grip surface. The AccuTrigger is adjustable but there wasn’t any need to adjust it — mine broke cleanly at around 3 lbs. The 26″ matte black barrel features an adjustable muzzle brake and the well-balanced rifle tips the scale at a tad over 8.5 lbs. unscoped. The rifle features a hinged-floorplate magazine holding three .300 Win. Mag. rounds.

For a scope, I chose a Bushnell Engage 4-16×44. The Deploy MOA reticle features 1-MOA windage and elevation hashmarks that really help at extended range. I’ve hunted with Engage scopes before and have always found them to be reliable in the field. For range work I can crank up the magnification. When hunting — depending on the circumstance — I usually set the power at the lowest magnification. A 4-16X power range allows a lot of versatility.

Savage’s earlier “Accu” enhancement is the AccuTrigger. The bolt release is in front of the triggerguard.

Customize your length of pull with the right spacer insert. Just use a Phillips
screwdriver to remove and replace the buttplate.

Want to change comb height? Take your pick of riser inserts.

At the Bench

The looks and balance of the new 110 Long Range Hunter was appealing. Next I wanted to see how the rifle would perform at the range. I used three new Federal .300 Win. Mag. loads — the 180-gr. Non-Typical Whitetail SP, the 200-gr. Edge TLR and the 180-gr. Copper Power-Shok. The Power-Shok features a lead-free HP designed for consistent expansion. The Non Typical offering provides deer hunters an SP at a friendly price. The Edge TLR blends the features of match bullet designs with bonding technology to offer premium performance at all ranges and impact velocities. A carefully designed nose paired with a new polymer tip helps make this possible. The black-nickel finish on both the bullet and case provides corrosion resistance. Plus, it just looks cool.

At the range I was pleasantly surprised to see this .300 Win. Mag. behave so politely — I was expecting to receive a considerable amount of punishment on my shoulder. But the efficient muzzle brake — plus the properly “tailored” AccuFit stock went a long way toward making things comfortable. Even while shooting from a sandbag rest, recoil was not unpleasant. I shot several 100-yard 3-shot groups with all three loads. It was pretty common to obtain groups inside 1.5″ — and this will handle big game chores. The Long Range Hunter is a serious tool for elk or moose.

The bolt of the Model 110 LRH is easy to manipulate. The large, serrated safety is located directly behind the action, making it easy to operate with your thumb. The bolt-release button can be found directly in front of the triggerguard.

The AccuFit system definitely became an asset while shooting off-hand. I could shoulder the rifle quickly and find a clear scope picture immediately without having to move my head searching for it. If the circumstance demanded a quick shot — it would be no problem.

Overall I was more than pleased with the new, enhanced Model 110 Long Range Hunter. I was really impressed the .300 Win. Mag. didn’t kick like a mule — as they do on so many other rifles. The LRH is also available in 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Rem., .308 Win., .300 WSM, .338 Federal, 6.5×284 Norma, 7mm Rem. Mag. and — for you long-range snipers out there — the .338 Lapua Mag. $1,099–$1,299 (.338 Lapua).

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