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The Sandrin TCK boasts no sharpening. Ever!

Sandrin Knives

Over the years we’ve heard some forthright claims of tough knife steels claiming to hold an edge for a very long time. Today, many of the exotic super-steels actually live up to the hype. This trend started with proprietary stainless steels by Crucible Industries with the introduction of S30V in 2009 and has come light years since then.

Leaping even beyond the glamorous world of special steels enters the Sandrin TCK (Tungsten Carbide Knife) folding knife. Tungsten carbide (TC) is made up of half tungsten and half carbide and is a powder in its purest form. TC is bonded like a ceramic unlike steel, which is melted and formed. It is also twice as strong as steel and more expensive. This you know if you’ve ever compared the price of TC drill bits versus steel ones.

The Sandrin TCK is a gent’s pocket folder — 7.87″ in open overall length — with an incredibly thin handle (0.17″ without the pocket clip) measuring 4.52″ in length. Clip included, the TCK weighs in at a gossamer 1.34 oz. To put it into perspective, the total weight is about the same as the typical handle slab on a comparably-sized titanium folder. The TCK’s front frame slab is carbon fiber and sports a very cool red pentagonal pivot screw. The backside features a thin titanium slab with an integral lock mechanism for securing the blade — plus a 2.25″ pocket clip made of the same.

Even with all this goodness, the TCK’s tungsten carbide blade is the star of the show. It’s 3.23″ in length and has a straight-edged, Wharncliffe-style configuration. The blade sports a mirror finish and a series of holes for assisting in gripping it for deployment. They also add a bit of panache as well.

Cabot Gun Co

An ultra-thin gent’s folder, the TCK weighs a scant 1.34 oz.

Why You’ll Like It

Sandrin Knives is a subsidiary of Cabot Guns, so it should come as no surprise the TCK is exotic given the company’s penchant for manufacturing some of the most exotic 1911 models on the planet. The Sandrin TCK goes for a price tag of $295, but for those on a budget there is a TCK 416 model with a stainless steel frame available for $130.

I didn’t have a year to test the TCK blade every day to see if I could dull it, so I can’t confirm the claim it will never need sharpening. I can say it cuts like Bernie Sander’s voice! You can rip a phone book to shreds with this wicked little lightweight.

You’ll like the Sandrin TCK for its ultra-light weight, advanced blade technology and the undeniable cool factor!

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