Streamlight Protac 2.0 Rail Mount Long Gun Light


Talk about upping your game from the original 1.0 version! Streamlight went for broke as this beast checks all my boxes — power (2,000 lumens), a simple and robust pic-rail mounting system and a stout rechargeable battery.

Mounted on the fore-end of your rifle or shotgun, a push on the tailcap gives you enough momentary light to fry the retinas of a burglar, while a twist on the cap gives you constant light for searching or covering said bad guy while waiting for the cops. Even better, you can fuel the included SL-B50 battery without even removing it from your gun via the hidden charging port, something many rechargeable lights don’t offer. The package also includes a TEN-TAP programmable switch with goodies like a strobe mode, along with an optional tail switch.

Street Price: Around $140

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