Acebeam L19 Hunting Flashlight

Reach Out and Touch Something

The Acebeam L19 offers the most reach of any handheld tactical light — at a nice price!

Remember when a “powerful” flashlight was the size of an adolescent nuclear reactor and weighed slightly less than a fully-fueled commercial aircraft? Even with all of this brawn in hand, the beam proved barely adequate for any task beyond arm’s length. However, with the incredible leaps of technology — primarily due to the continual evolutionary development of the Light Emitting Diode (LED) — flashlights have gotten far more powerful yet smaller and smaller.

An excellent illustration of this concept is the Acebeam L19 Hunting Flashlight. Roughly the same size as the trusty and cheap two D-cell lights we grew up with, comparing the Acebeam L19 to a D-cell light — or any other small battery-powered illumination device — is like comparing a candle to a forest fire.

With an estimated reach of nearly 5000 feet for the 850nm green LED, prey or bad guys won’t arrive without ample notice. Finding that “bump in the night’ just became easier!

The light is small, measuring 1” at the tail while the business end only measures 2.36” and an overall length of just shy of 6-1/2”. Weighing in just under 7 ounces without battery, the L19 roughly the same size as many popular CR123 “Tactical” lights but dwarfs their performance. The designers claim it is the “Most farthest” tactical flashlight on the market.

Using special optical-design lenses and reflector, the L19 takes the LED light source and focuses it into a white-hot 1650-lumen spotlight beam claimed to find targets up to 4200 feet away. If you choose the 2200-lumen green 850nm LED, you can sweep up to nearly 5000 feet away! Whether hunting or searching for an intruder, such reach gives plenty of time to prepare for whatever happens next.

The L19 can serve as a bodacious weapon light with beam-reach to spare, perfect for rifle applications but small enough to serve as a personal tactical or hunting light.

Run time is approximately 1-1/2 hours in “Turbo” (high output) mode, while the six other modes can stretch runtime out to 94 days with reduced output. There is also a strobe mode some believe is useful for ‘disorienting’ attackers.

The electronic guts of the L19 are top quality and housed in an aircraft-grade aluminum body finished in a black premium Type-III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. Starting with gold-plated circuitry contact points, the electronics use a highly-efficient constant-current (non-PWM) design and provide intelligent temperature regulation to prevent overheating. There is even polarity protection to avoid damage if the battery(s) are inserted backward.

The light also offers a host of other popular features such as dual switches (side and rear), a metal finger ridge for use as a shooting light, tactical knurling for good grip, battery charge indicator, “striking” bezel useful for breaking glass or dissuading close encounters of the malevolent kind, tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating and a lockout mode to prevent battery drain. The L19 is also O-ring sealed and rated waterproof to five meters (just over 16 feet) and drop-tested to 1 meter.

Out of the box, the L19  isn’t equipped with a power source but uses any of the popular 21700-format batteries, either Lithium or rechargeable Li-Ion. It will also accept two CR-123 batteries so long as the group pumps out at least 10 amps. Acebeam offers a compatible USB-C rechargeable battery as an option for under $20 and ordering the pair together makes the most sense. There is also reverse-polarity protection for those times when you make a mistake installing the juicemakers.

At a very reasonable $149.00 MSRP, the L19 is a top-quality tactical/hunting light on par with it’s peers but with one major distinction — the ultra-long distance beam. If you really need to “reach out and touch someone (or something),” the L19 is a top contender in the category whether you’re potting cantankerous coyotes or investigating a bump in the night. So long as you’re equipped with the Acebeam L19, The Boogeyman won’t have any place to hide!

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