Leupold RX-1500i Rangefinder


If you’re going afield with intentions of lethally pestering antelope, mountain goats or even deer at longer-than-spitting distances, you need this gizmo I call a “hunter’s rangefinder.”

It earns this honorific because it’s small, lightweight, simple and chock full o’ features at a reasonable price. Best of all, it’s not so over-the-top with gizmos you’ll need a college-level course to figure out what the numbers mean. This palm-sized unit features ½-yard accuracy, 6x magnification and ballistic integration with Leupold’s proprietary DNA ranging engine to calculate uphill/downhill range and 10 mph wind hold. It also has bowhunting mode for the string-pullers.

I bashed it around on a recent hunt and while I didn’t use every advanced feature, it did survive the adventure perfectly and provided quick and accurate ranges when needed, making it one of those “all you need without the stuff you don’t”-kind of hunting accessory.

MSRP: $299

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