Leupold Performance Eyewear


How good can you make a magazine editor look? With most other periodicals, you could probably put lots of lipstick on the pig and get passable results. In my case, I long ago quit trying to appear stylish. However, as soon as I slipped on a pair of new Leupold Performance Eyewear, I instantly felt younger, more handsome, slimmer and even my credit rating improved.

Seriously — I never worried about looking good on or off the firing line because frankly, most protective eyewear is butt-ugly. However, the new line of Performance Eyewear is both stylish and effective.

After considerable time on both the shooting range and South Florida fishing flats, I can attest Leupold eyewear is comfortable, lightweight and the polarized lenses offer great protection and vision. The Guard-Ion Hydrophobic coating resisted fogging on early morning boat runs and the Diamondcoat Scratch Resistant Coating has lived up to its name even when .224 shell casings bounce off it. MSRP: $159.99


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