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Slick Steelasaur!
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The DPx Gear DEMO Billy Waugh Special Edition is a Megalodon decked out in
Titanium and M30 stainless steel artistry.

DPx Gear never has done dainty and never will as long as Robert Young Pelton has a say in it. Noted author Pelton founded DPx Gear by putting forth innovative designs, and the company’s newest is their most badass to date. Pelton designed his latest tour de force — the DPx DEMO — in collaboration with custom knife designer Bill Harsey as a special tribute to World War II hero Billy Waugh. You can read about Waugh’s heroic exploits in Robert’s book Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in The War on Terror. Harsey is known for making hard-nosed, hell-bent knives and the new DEMO tactical folder explodes all the boxes.

The DEMO model we’re reviewing is the Billy Waugh Special Edition but it can be had in a slightly plainer version without the signatures on the blade. This knife is a Megalodon, stretching out to 9.13″ fully open and tipping the scales at 6.80 oz. The DEMO’s 3.78″ blade of top shelf M390 stainless steel rolls out on a smooth IKBS ball-bearing system via a slick triangulate combination cut-out/thumb nick and locks up with a sturdy frame-lock mechanism on the back. The ample handle frame is 3-D machined Titanium in a diamond checked pattern. A Titanium pocket clip completes the package.


The DEMO’s combination awl/spike is tucked into the lower
portion of the front Titanium handle slab, ready to strike.

Why You’ll Like It

But there’s more! Look closely and you’ll see another small frame-lock on the spine of the front frame slab. This ingenious design mechanism houses a heavy duty awl/spike that rolls out on bronze washers and locks up tight as a drum. Manufactured for DPx Gear by Italy’s most revered upscale knife manufacturer, the DEMO has superb fit and finish with the look and feel of a custom. Price for the signed DEMO Billy Waugh Special Edition is $495. The standard version, if you could demean it as such, is $468. DPx Gear’s special releases like this one often appear later in more affordable releases so check their website regularly for updates.


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