Boker Vox Tool – Small, Simple, but Sophisticated


Boker Knife

Actual car key of mine with the Boker Vox.

Even though virtually every pocket tool on the planet has a hole for a key ring, few of them ever make it on to mine. Either the tool is too big or heavy or just too complicated to make it worth adding to my collection of keys. But the Boker Vox surprised me with its light weight and utility and, as a result, ended up on my key ring. So it just goes to show you the value — in the pocket tool world, at least — of being small, simple, but sophisticated.

Named for its designer, Jesper Voxnaes, the Boker Vox retails for $45.95 and offers a lever, nail clipper, bottle opener, carabiner and shackle opener. A small point at the end, protected by two rubber O-rings, serves as a glass breaker. Vox measures about 3.6” in length, 0.2” in width, and weighs 0.7 oz. Made from titanium, it is super strong and light.

Boker Tool

You know how strong Titanium is, right? Super strong. A great material for a keychain tool.

About The Built-In Tools…

Lever: In hand, with your thumb pressed against the flat side of the tool, the Vox has no trouble digging up the wood to get under a stubborn nail. Nor does it mind being pushed into a crevice in order to open it up somewhat. You’ll get enough leverage for light-duty jobs — and that’s enough for a keychain-mounted tool.

Nail clipper: I think it’s more meaningful to just call this a cutter but it can do nail duty, yes. With this tool I’ve also unzipped packing tape around packages arriving in my home and other light duty cutting tasks.

Bottle opener: Although most people will figure out a way to open a bottle, tool or not, it’s nice to have a tool designed specifically for it. On the Vox, the lip at the top side of the carabiner opening can fit under a bottle cap, providing leverage for that most-anticipated sound as the bottle cap lifts off — ffft.

Boker Knife

The small but tough glass breaker sits between two rubber O-rings.

Carabiner: The carabiner’s metal clip exerts a strong, constant pressure, ensuring it stays attached to whatever you attach it to. In most cases, it’ll be a key ring but it could also attach to a zipper (becoming a zipper pull) or the elastic cords of a backpack or even a belt loop.

Shackle opener: For those who occasionally must undo a screw pin shackle used in marine rigging, Vox sports a hollow center for exactly that purpose. I have zero experience with this type of operation and limited access to shackles so I’m just going to take Boker at its word on this function. Comment below for other uses for this part of the tool…

Glass breaker: Tucked in between the two O-rings, where it won’t scratch anything, is the small, sharp protrusion meant to serve as a glass breaker.

On your keyring, you’ll probably find the pry and cutter most useful. And you can use the Vox as a last-ditch, self-defense tool, too.
Boker Vox is small, simple, and sophisticated. As such, a useful tool worthy of a spot on your keychain.
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