Ketch’s Grips And Knives

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Scott Ketcheson or “Ketch” as he prefers, is one of us. A die-hard gun-guy, he reached out to me one time and we became friends talking about guns. Well, it seems Ketch loves to make grips and small, personal knives too and favors Star Model BM autos — like me. I talked him out of a set of his custom grips for one of my Star BMs and frankly, it changed the entire way I feel about the little gun now.

I also sent him a piece of purpleheart and he made a compelling set of 1911 grips for a 5″ 1911 my wife, Suzi, built a few years ago. Note the silver “Mercury” dime inlaid into the grips. The small knife is typical of Ketch’s work and they make perfect EDC fixed blades. Grips start at about $65 and knives at about $80.

MSRP: About $65 for grips and $80 for knives

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