Kershaw’s Mini Natrix

Copper is the new coin of the EDC realm!
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The Kershaw Copper Natrix sports the latest in cool handles — and an equally groovy grooved blade.

Kershaw is known for taking a successful knife design and ratcheting them up to intensify the Wow! factor. Such is the case with the new Copper Mini Natrix which, as the name suggests, gets an eye-popping handle of the cupreous metal whose use dates back as far as 8,000 B.C., when it was pounded into shape straight from the earth before smelting was invented.

Copper’s distinct orange/pink color has graced many a jewelry maker’s bench over the millenniums. More recently, it has become a status symbol in many young knife users’ EDC gear assembly including small flashlights, mini pry bars and the like.

The original Natrix line was introduced in 2018 in both a large and mini model. The folder featured here is based on the smaller version. The Copper Natrix has a 2.75″ modified Wharncliffe blade of D2 steel with a distinctive enlarged groove that can be used for opening the blade. If you prefer — and most do — there’s a flipper mechanism for swifter deployment. The blade rolls out slick as butter on glass thanks to Kershaw’s patented KVT ball bearing system. The handsome copper frame, however, is the star of the show. The copper front slab is done up in nicely sculpted curves while the backside, sculpted to match the front, has the copper slab serving as a sub-frame for a stainless steel locking leaf. Copper is denser than stainless steel so the Copper Mini Natrix packs a tad more weight (3.7 oz.) thus adding a more substantial feel to the knife. In addition, a 1.15″ deep-carry pocket clip completes the package.


The back of the knife utilizes a copper sub-frame supporting a stainless steel locking leaf.

Why You’ll Like It

Right off the bat, the Copper Natrix is just a damn good-looking knife. One of the reasons many users like copper is because it will develop a patina over time, giving it an aged, rustic look. Some even use chemicals to force a surface finish with the greenish highlights often seen on old copper (check out the old coins in the photos).

You can avoid a patina if you wish by wiping the handle occasionally with a light oil or the rust-arresting medium of your choice. For the coup de grace, the cock-of-the-walk Kershaw Copper Natrix has a very affordable MSRP $94.49 — a great price for this cool copper locker.

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