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While at SHOT Show 2023, someone from the Real Avid team handed me a can of Gun Max Gun Oil while I was on the range. You know about Real Avid already. They make specialized tools and tool kits for gun owners. Some of them are portable tools that are really handy on the range, like their Gun Tool Pro for the AR-15. This is a belt sheath system of tools specific for AR-15 users.

The Real Avid Master Sight Pusher is handy both on and off the range, and it fits must semi auto slides. Roy Huntington has a great instructional to go with this tool here.

OK, back to the Gun Max Oil. For most of the products I view at the SHOT Show range, I can get a pretty good idea on how a product will fare in a review, and I can share my initial view right away. I can’t do that with oil, except say that it appears slippery and describe how it smells. Oil gets a comprehensive test.


Consistent Solution

Gun Max Gun Oil comes in a 12 oz can, with a flip up straw that gives the user either a spray or a stream. When the straw is flipped down, the user can spray a wider area. Flipped up, the product goes down the straw, and oil can be directed into hard-to-reach areas.

Real Avid just eliminated my biggest beef with nozzles that fit straws. The straw is permanently attached to this flip up nozzle. With other products, I would either tape or use a rubber band to keep the straw on the can. If the gun oil is any good, it dissolves tape and rubber bands. By the time the spray can has been used twice, I’ve lost the straw, and my entire work surface is now well oiled. Gun Max Gun Oil eliminates this mess, and I am happy about this.

The can is under pressure, and the label suggests that propane is the propellant.

Gun oil science sounds complicated, and a chemical engineer can explain it better than I can, but oil formulations are designed to improve the physical qualities and chemical makeup of oil. For example, an oil can have great lubricant quality, but lack the adhesiveness to stay on the working part, or the liquid is actually a suspension, and it lacks the physical stability to be used consistently.

Gun Max Gun Oil contains both petroleum distillates and petroleum oil. My guess is the oil part has its own lubricity, but serves as the vehicle for the desirable additives.

Under my microscope, I got to see the quality of Gun Max Gun Oil’s moisture displacement, and it’s bonding quality. On a semi auto gun, we want the oil to have lubricity, but not at the expense of it slinging off its intended parts. What I observed was good adhesiveness (it stayed on my slide) and it maintained a working film of lubricant between parts. The solution was consistent, once the can was shaken well


Jealous Oil Is Good For Lasting Relationship

I heated up my Glock with a few rounds. I’ve been working on my Hornady Lock-n-Load AP, so I’ve been cranking out loaded ammo for some good sessions of range therapy. Sometimes, it is important for a person to heat up the Combat Tupperware Gun to see what it’ll do. Measuring from start to finish, the oil maintained its consistency on my square sided companion.

I have several knives that are not quite as stain resistant as other EDC blades. High strength steels, like Maxamet, can do things that other steels cannot, but no one can call this steel “stainless”. No one that enjoys the Rule of Steel cares, as the edge retention puts it in a league of its own. I have a knife of CPM CruWear, which could be called “similar” in quality, only because it also is not stain resistant. I keep mine coated with a light film of oil. Gun Max Gun Oil establishes a confidence building sheen on this steel, and keeps it pristine. It also aids in making the blade deployment smooth.

Gun Max Gun Oil does displace moisture, its real moisture displacement has to be seen under magnification. That is, I’m not worried about surface moisture, I want to know if the oil penetrates the pores of the metal. This product seems to have excellent metal protecting qualities. The part that’s hard to see is the fact that the additives bond to metal surfaces, protecting the gun in “boundary conditions”, where the oil is pressed thin between parts, and lubricity relies on the qualities or additives.

This is where this product shines. You see, Gun Max Gun Oil is advertised as having the capability of cleaning my gun. This is an entirely different quality. In order for it to work well, the oil has to be jealous. This can’t be described in chemical engineering terms, by the way. A jealous oil gets on my gun and chases all other previous oils away from the metal surfaces of my gun and takes everything over to the point where I can’t even just go out for a cup of coffee …

Well, you get the picture. Gun Max Gun Oil did a great job removing deposits like carbon and other materials.

At $13.99 a 12 oz can, it is worth the investment.

Visit Real Avid for more information.

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