Infitech Launches Minimalist PCC Muzzle Brakes


Hailing from Sweden, Infitech is a manufacturer specializing in firearm parts and accessories for various rifle platforms. Always aiming for the highest quality and performance, they recently launched a minimalist trio of muzzle brakes for 9mm pistol caliber carbines — like the popular Ruger PC Carbine.

Made from 4140 steel and finished in Armor Black Cerakote, the minimalist brakes were designed to provide the best recoil reduction in the smallest possible footprint, featuring precision-machined ports and an outside diameter of 0.75” to blend in seamlessly with most 9mm carbine barrels.

From smallest to largest, the Nano measures 0.94” long and weighs 0.92 oz with two top ports. The Micro measures 1.26” in length and scales 1.13 oz. while sporting three top ports — one large port cut halfway around the diameter of the brake. Largest, the Mini measures 1.57” long and weighs 1.3 oz. with four total ports, including two large cuts offset by 90-degrees. The precise porting reduces muzzle rise, side-to-side movement and overall recoil. All three muzzle brakes are threaded 1/2-28” and can be easily installed with a 16mm wrench and provided crushwasher.

Pricing ranges from $85-89, depending on model. International shipping is available with the addition of a possible import tax.

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