Infinity X1 Lights


When tactical lights first came out, we all thought the 50 lumens they offered was astounding and could never get better. I mean, who needs more than 50 lumens, right? Well, it turns out we all do. This latest, from Infinity, simply blows the doors off of the “affordable consumer” lighting concept. The 5,000 (!) lumen model is only $89 while the 1,500 lumen model is a wallet-friendly $59. For this you get lights able to run off of the included USB rechargeable or AA batteries for the alternative battery packs. The 5,000 uses nine AA batteries and the 1,500 uses six. Runtimes are two hours at 5,000 lumens and 1.5 hours for the 1,500-lumen model. Both also offer lower power modes. How bright is 5,000 lumens? I have about four acres outside my back door — it lights it all up like daylight. Who needs a light saber? Simply astounding.

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