Impact Sport In-Ear
Hearing Protection


Remember the old visual joke — The universal firearms industry handshake consists of cupping your hand to your ear? Hearing loss isn’t really funny but those of us who still remember when sticking empty .38 cases in your ear canal was considered “ear pro,” we need both hearing protection and amplification.

The new Impact Sport In-Ear Hearing protection works wonderfully on both counts. This is my first set where the electronics are worn around your neck and I’m actually liking it — no muffs to get in the way, the controls are easier to access than just in-ear protection, you don’t lose a single earplug if one falls out and the battery life seems longer. Best of all, my set has Bluetooth capability so I can hear important phone calls coming in and if you want to listen to music, go ahead. They’re also stereo so you can easily determine the direction of incoming sounds. I haven’t owned these long but they’re quickly becoming my go-to ear pro.

MSRP: $165 with Bluetooth

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