Hyskore Six Gun Speed Rack


So many guns, so little room! If you’re like me, struggling to keep my gun safe organized has been a challenge. Well, I finally found a solution.

The Six Gun Speed Rack consists of an angled steel base mountable in six different ways. It’s so flexible because either side of the main unit can be used for mounting guns using barrel inserts made of plastic. The barrel inserts also have a collar to protect the muzzle of your firearm.

The rack includes six inserts fitting .40 caliber and higher, but it’s easy to take them down to fit .38/9mm or even .32 caliber by mounting in an electric drill and using a piece of sandpaper.

The shelf hooks are made of M-10 steel with a durable powder coat finish. Remember the weight of six handguns can easily exceed 15 lbs. so make sure the surface it’s attached to has the strength to support the load. It retails for around $20.


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