Hygenall Wipes and Soap

Keep Your Lunch Lead-Free
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Hygenall LeadOff Wipes and Soap.

Under the locking cover protecting the bed of my ’97 4×4 Chevy pickup — my designated shooting vehicle — I try to keep everything I’ll ever need for a shooting session. This includes targets, tools, chronographs, safety equipment, first-aid kit, extra shooting glasses and hearing protectors — basically everything I could possibly need.

It’s my usual ritual to stop for lunch on the way back home and anyone who shoots very much knows how dirty and tainted your hands get. In the past I’ve kept a bottle of oil soap and paper towels available for cleanup but now there’s a much better way: Hygenall.

Let me explain. I shoot a lot of cast bullets through sixguns that results in dirty hands not only from burned powder but also contamination from lead. Every time a lead bullet is fired, particles make their way out of the sides of the barrel/cylinder gap and wind up on both the support and shooting hands. Unfortunately, as we know, lead and lunch don’t go well together!


Clean Science

The Center for Disease Control came up with the technology and licensed the production to Hygenall. It was originally designed to help workers at a battery manufacturing factory remove lead from their hands. In testing the CDC found normal soap and water didn’t break up tiny lead particles in the skin.

The scientific explanation (and I don’t pretend to understand this!) is Hygenall contains ISML molecules with a strong negative electrostatic charge to separate lead oxide and dirt from the skin. Regular soaps remove natural skin oil without getting the lead oxide that sticks to the static charge on the skin.

Hygenall Wipes remove 99 percent of lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, mercury, silver, zinc, nickel and other hazardous materials from the skin as well as removing regular old dirt, grime and germs. The two products I have been using are the LeadOff Wipes which come in a 45-count container and the LeadOff Foaming Hand Soap which comes in an 18.5 oz. bottle. The MSRP on both is $9.95.

After shooting, I wipe my hands thoroughly with one of the LeadOff Wipes then use the Foaming Hand Soap to really scrub up and I’m ready for lunch! The cheeseburgers and fries may get me but the lead won’t!


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