Howard Leight Impact Pro Hearing Protection

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I’m from the generation who used to think “hearing protection” was a couple of .38 casings stuck in your ear canal. As both I and the shooting industry matured, I realized protecting whatever hearing I had left was probably a good idea. This started with muffs, then earplugs but the day I bought my first electronic muffs was truly an epiphany: I could hear range commands and protect myself from gunshot noise.

My current favorite of the bunch are the Impact Pro electronic muffs from Howard Leight. Of course, they’re stylish and comfortable but more importantly provide incredible hearing protection with a 30 dB rating, yet still allowing normal conversation. So far, I haven’t needed “ears and plugs” even when shooting magnum rifles under a metal-roofed firing line. The muffs are conveniently powered by a pair of “nomal” AAA batteries and even include rubber padding to prevent scratching your rifle’s finish. With an MSRP of $80, they’re a bargain!

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