Back To Reality

Suddenly I heard a loud thud from a book sliding off my lap and waking me up. I’d been spending so much time in it I’d fallen asleep.

The book in question is Holstory: Gunleather of the Twentieth Century by R.E.D. (Red) Nichols and John Witty. The former is a familiar name to any of us who have followed the development and history of great leather as he had much to do with the designs coming from Bianchi in the 1970s and 1980s while the latter is a collector of historic leather. Obviously a lot of research went into this book that basically covers holsters from 1905-1985.

The mailman delivered it just before lunch and within 24 hours I’d read all the text and picture captions. It took me three sessions plus several glasses of iced tea to travel the full-color pages.