The rim on the Schofield case is slightly different than that on the .45 Colt, but it’s enough difference to preclude its being used in some .45 Colt sixguns. My standard load is a very mild 4.0 grains of Clays for right at 675-700 fps from a 4-5/8″ barrel. Groups are in the 1″ range.

Finally we come to the .454 Casull. I’ve shot many .454 loads in the superb Freedom Arms 5-shooter with muzzle velocities of 1,600 fps and more. Today I’m a lot more comfortable with loads at half this speed, which is easily accomplished with Oregon Trail’s 250-gr. bullet over 6.5 grains of Clays. I have no worries about any load putting undue stress on the .454 Freedom Arms — but I’m a lot less stressed with this load.

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