Griffin Armament Uncages GP-N Suppressor


New from Griffin Armament, the GP-N mounts directly to common A2 muzzle devices.

Like most components of modern sporting rifles, gun owners have seemingly endless options when it comes to muzzle devices. From brakes and flash hiders to compensators and suppressor mounts, there are many ways of topping your barrel to decrease recoil, muzzle rise, visible signature and sound. However, one of the most common muzzle devices is the A2 flash hider, better known as the “birdcage.”

Simple and inexpensive, the A2 has served the military for decades as a hybrid device effective at minimizing muzzle rise and flash. Yet, despite its benefits, the A2 has traditionally not allowed direct suppressor mounting.

Building on the Gemtech Halo, Griffin Armament has uncaged the A2 with the release of a new suppressor — the GP-NATO (GP-N).

Installing the Griffin Armament GP-N suppressor on a rifle is quick, easy and secure.

A dedicated 5.56 NATO suppressor, the Griffin Armament GP-N was designed to bring modern suppressor technology to the common A2 muzzle device. Machined from billet 17-4 stainless steel, the GP-N is heat treated, the muzzle collar nitrided and the whole assembly finished in Cerakote for an extremely durable suppressor inside and out.

Deeper inside, Griffin’s ECO-FLO baffles reduce blow back and balance sound pressure levels at both the muzzle and the shooter’s ear. Sound reduction levels are not currently available but will vary based on host weapon, barrel length and ammunition.

Shipped with a shim set and wrench, installing the GP-N is quick and easy. Simply place the collar over the A2 birdcage and screw the suppressor into the collar until hand tight before further tightening with the provided wrench for a secure fit.

Measuring 6.5” long, 1.5” in diameter and weighing 16 oz., the GP-N is rated for all .22 caliber cartridges and full-auto rated for 5.56 NATO in barrels down to 7.5” in length. MSRP is $745.

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