Fix It Sticks Remington
700 Bolt Opener


A bolt-disassembly tool is something every Remington 700 owner knows they need in order to keep their gun in perfect working order, but when you look at the cost versus urgency, most shooters keep it on their Christmas list for years. You can also use ad-hoc methods such as a boot lace, which work some of the time provided you don’t mind the occasional busted knuckle or flying bolt.

Now you don’t have to make the choice between your heart medication and a bolt tool because Fix It Sticks has come up with an effective and inexpensive answer: the R700 bolt tool.

The Q-shaped device attaches to any ¼” driver and works like a bottle opener to remove the spring tension so you can dissemble the bolt — easy-peasy, no moving parts and probably cheaper in the long run than either boot laces or bandages!

MSRP: $20

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