Federal Custom Shop


Have you thought about taking your shooting to new heights by handloading your own ammunition — but didn’t? Me too. Handloading is a highly rewarding activity but at this stage of my life I don’t really have the ability to take on another project, no matter how useful.

For folks like me, Federal Ammunition has just opened their Custom Shop. This new service focuses on handloading custom small-batch rifle or shotgun ammunition at their state-of-the-art facility in Minnesota. Initially Federal is offering rounds in common hunting gauges and calibers but ultimately plan to offer a wide range of loads, even some obsolete ones.

If there is a specific bullet you want atop your .270 Winchester, or a specific pellet-count in your 28-gauge sporting-clays shells, Federal will do it. The rounds aren’t cheap — prices average around $100/box of 20 — but when you consider the quality, it is an attractive option for serious shooters who don’t reload.

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For more info www.federalpremium.com

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