First Tactical Medium Duty Light


Mark’s Summary: First Tactical’s Medium Duty Light offers an exceptionally durable, mid-sized tactical flashlight doubling as a striking object. Priced at $49.99, it also offers very good value with several features found on more expensive lights.

These days we enjoy an almost unending range of hand-held tactical flashlights — varying in size, shape, brightness, and other features. Variety and competition in this market is good because we, the end consumer, can choose from products with all kinds of features at many price points. You can find tactical flashlights more and less expensive than this First Tactical Medium Duty Light. But for the price, it might be difficult to find a better balance of features. Here are the specs from the First Tactical website:

Includes battery (2) AA
Lumen High 274
Lumen Low 16
Run Time High (h) 3.75
Run Time Low (h) 165
Aerospace grade anodized aluminum
Length: 6.3in / 159mm
Body diameter: 0.91in / 23mm
Bezel diameter: 1.2in / 30mm
Product weight: 3.3oz / 93g
Product weight w/ batteries: 5.1oz / 144g

At 6.3 inches in length, this light is easy to grip and manipulate. The aggressively- knurled body offers tremendous purchase. Yep, it’ll stick out of your pocket a bit when you carry it, but it will be easy to grab when you need it.

See that clip? Strong! It’ll grab your pocket, a backpack strap, or a thick gun belt, no problem. And the crenulated bezel? Those edges are sharp and strong. You can change it out for a smooth bezel if desired.

This light has accompanied me on many nighttime rucks, it’s been out in the field, and used in who knows how many household lighting chores — dishwasher repair, dryer installation, searching for a small, dropped part, whatever. It doesn’t roll away on a flat surface and takes abuse like a champ.

The all-important on/off switch. This thumb-activated tail switch offers a temporary on (push half way) and a constant on (push all the way). A definitive ‘click’ lets you know when you’ve engaged the constant on/off status.

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