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The ESEE Pinch is small in size but its wicked blade and easy access magnetic sheath could just save your life.

When you think of ESEE fixed-blade knives the word “brawny” comes to mind. Even their smaller knives are well known for their tough demeanor but say Hello! to the ESEE Pinch, the smallest knife the company has ever made. The Pinch was designed by knifemaker James Gibson who is also a wilderness instructor at Randall’s Adventure and Training — a sister company of ESEE Knives. Gibson has lent his talented design touch to several popular ESEE knife designs and more recently an axe.

The Pinch is 3.4″ in overall length and made of ESEE’s much lauded 1095 Rowan heat-treated high carbon steel. A black oxide coating keeps the rust bugs away. The 1.3″ blade is a straight-edge Wharncliffe style with a deep, flat V-grind — small, but all business. The handle sports comfortable curves for gripping and has two skeletonized holes for looping or lashing. The Pinch’s neck sheath is pure genius. The front is open-faced with a lip at the base into which the blade nestles. The knife blade itself is held in place by a very strong rare earth magnet. The knife is deployed quickly and easily by simply tipping the knife out of the sheath rather than struggling to separate the knife from the sheath. At the base of the sheath is a cord loop for wearing the Pinch around the neck.


The Pinch’s ingenious sheath uses a rare earth magnet to keep the knife at the ready —
just tip out the blade and go!

Why You’ll Like It

Many savvy self-defense minded individuals carry a “hideaway” knife for use as a last ditch effort to ward off an attacker and the Pinch serves this role well. The Wharncliffe blade — with its ability to grab and snatch — is widely considered one of the most effective blade styles for combat. The Pinch’s quick tip-out sheath makes access much quicker and easier.

When not warding off attackers the Pinch is a handy EDC knife as the Wharncliffe profile is also known as an excellent “working” blade. Alternative carries could include a pouch-style wallet or purse, or attached to a belt dangler.

Like all ESEE knives the Pinch comes with a lifetime, no-ask guarantee. MSRP for the Pinch is $76.50, but you’ll find the dealer pricing more to your liking. Given its size, this diminutive dynamo will make for a heck of a stocking stuffer this holiday season.

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