EOTech XPS2 Green


It’s not cool to admit, but darn it, I like EOTech holographic weapon sights (HWS). I like them because I’ve used them for years on my police patrol rifle in real-deal, sphincter-clenching situations with few complaints. Yeah, battery life on early models could have been better but I always kept a handful of spares in my rifle case. There was also the unpleasantness a few years ago regarding shifting point of zero in extreme conditions, but since I was potentially potting bad guys at eight or possibly 80 instead of 800 meters, it didn’t matter to me.

However, all those issues are a thing of the past. Having toured the factory, I’m satisfied the prior quality-control issues have been resolved and there is no reason not to bring my love for EOTech out of the closet. Even better, I recently got my grimy mitts on the new EOTech XPS2 Green unit and was smitten.

As it would indicate, the XPS2 uses a green, rather than traditional red, reticle. This probably seems like a major marketing ploy but according to EOTech, the color change makes it six times easier to see in daylight. Using my Mark I Eyeball, I can’t vouch for the number of Xs but it’s significant. It also works great in darkness.

The sight is also small — the shortest and lightest true HWS — and conveniently runs on a single CR123 battery. After many years, I can finally say EOTech has done everything right, even when they’ve “gone green!”


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