Eagle Wrangler Grips

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I’ve gone down a road that keeps going farther and farther — customizing Ruger Wrangler .22 revolvers. And, one of the most important additions are some nice custom grips!

My friend Raj Singh, owner and chief creator of new ideas at Eagle Grips, sent me a cross-section of grips made specifically to fit the Wrangler. Keep in mind Ruger revolvers have many different grip frame designs, even in the “Single Six/Super Single Six/Wrangler, etc.” line-up. Make sure you’re buying grips that will fit your gun.

In the photo you’ll find the daring Kirinite Silver Stardust, Kirinite Patriots and Kirinite Red Pearl grips. All are synthetic and cost $129.95. Then there are two rosewood “Gunfighter” grips ($149.95) and a marvelous Kirinite Ivory at $109.95. Eye-catching? You bet, and that’s the whole idea. They have lots more fitting all sorts of guns.

MSRP: Starting at $129.95 each

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