The Stink

But in this case at least I have to admit I was wrong. What got me to try the newer products is quite simple: 40 below F. Many of my old favorite cleaning chemicals caution “use only in a well-ventilated area.” Maybe this is all legal boilerplate, but when the manufacturer says vapors from the product can be dangerous I tend to believe them.

Cleaning outdoors on the deck is usually not a hardship. But out here on the northern plains, when the last big game seasons close in December it can be mighty cold. Claims of “no dangerous vapors, no strong odors” piqued my interest.

Among the makers of products I’ve come to like and use are Ballistol, KG, M-Pro 7, Otis, Prolix and Seal 1. Nor has old reliable Hoppe’s been left behind; its newer “Elite” lineup is described as, “A complete departure from our traditional Hoppe’s No. 9 solvent, this high-tech, odorless technology outperforms the standard cleaners and oils on the shelf today.”