Diamond D’s Simple
Shoulder Rig


For some reason unfathomed by me, shoulder rigs seem to have gone slightly out of favor. It’s time they return and Diamond D’s aptly named “Simple Shoulder Rig” can help lead the way. Famous for their “Guide’s Choice” chest-carry field holster, Diamond D does superlative work in both design, manufacture and raw materials selection. The “simple” in the name of this rig spells a history of excellence in design and function in the real world. Simple is, I assure you, always a good thing.

Constructed of high quality leather and hardware, the rig is made for autos only and offers a magazine pouch on the off-side, along with hold-down straps for the holster and mag pouch. I think those are essential in a shoulder holster. My own sample carries my Hellcat comfortably, well-concealed yet accessible while driving, sitting, walking or even operating the tractor here. A gentleman’s carry method if ever there was one! MSRP: About $245


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