Diamond D Denali Chest Holster


If you ride an ATV, drive a tractor, spend time in your truck, hunt with a handgun, hike, trap or do anything where keeping a pistol handy makes sense — you’ve found your ideal holster. Wild pigs are close by us here these days, the odd feral, nasty dog strolls through and of course there’s always the possibility of some miscreant up to no good finding us here. So having a big bore revolver or — my favorite — a lightweight 5″ 1911 close by keeps things in perspective.

Hip carry is fine for many but I find my lower back injuries over the years have made that mode too painful. Chest carry solves the problem and the Denali rig from Diamond D is my go-to daily rig. It’s lightweight, adjustable, of 1050 nylon available for a wide range of gun fits and cut for red dots sights to boot. At less than $100, it’s also a solid deal. Tell ’em we sent you.

MSRP: About $99.99

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