Cyclops eFlex 400 Headlamp


Being an outdoors-oriented guy, I’ve got a box full of headlamps in the closet because they’re so darn useful. Unfortunately, none reach 100% perfection so I’m still looking for the mythical best-of-all!

My current test platform is the Cyclops eFlex 400. It’s a dual-LED model with a unique feature — a USB-rechargeable battery pack. This makes it handy for heavy use, plus you can also fuel it with AAA batteries if you don’t have a USB outlet in the woods.

It features two Cree LEDs, one white and another that changes between white, green, blue, red and red-blinking. The white LED has High/Med/Low and an SOS function. I’m not a huge fan of the color-changing disco LED or the SOS function but some might be. Overall and so far, the headlamp has been versatile, user-friendly and robust. I’m still looking for my fabled perfect headlamp but this one is in the running!

MSRP: $32.99

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