CrossBreed Chest Rig


After trying every way known to man, including a few clearly violating the laws of physics and common decency, I’ve finally settled on the idea a chest rig is the only way to carry a serious social firearm while engaged in outdoor pursuits or work. Nothing against all other methods of carry but when you’re hiking, fishing, bowhunting, bushwacking on horseback or riding your ATV, the only way to keep your sidearm handy, comfortable and out of harm’s way is by stationing it in the middle of your sternum.

I recently got ahold of what might be the stoutest model in the lot, the CrossBreed Chest Rig. Taking it out of the package, it’s immediately apparent this thing is probably going to outlast my newest fly rod and could be used to pull my truck out of a mud hole in an emergency.

The holster is stout CrossBreed Kydex, mounted to a heavy padded leather and breathable suede backer. It uses three of the aforementioned King Kong elastic straps for support and a metal buckle for ease of entry. The remaining leather bits are heavy-duty and attachments are made with machine screws. I’ve decided to sew a dog tag into the rig because, regardless of the trauma endured, Search & Rescue might not find my wholly intact body but they’d certainly find the chest rig no worse for the wear!
MSRP: $149.95


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