Crossbreed ARK Resister bag


Need to protect your delicate missile components, critical documents or prize-winning beef jerky? In any case, you might check out the ARK Resister bags from CrossBreed (the holster people). They’re actual re-purposed missile shipping bags with some seriously unique properties, making them incredibly handy for those of us who want to safely store things for the proverbial rainy day.

The laminate bags are water, dust and dirt-proof and offer the highest EMP and electrical resistance rating of any protective bag. They are also puncture resistant to 30 lbs. and have 60 lbs. of tear strength. They’re mil-spec and can be vacuum-packed and heat-sealed, or cut down and fashioned into smaller bags using a hot iron. At 19.5×22″ and about $16, they might just be what you need to keep guns, electronics — or the aforementioned dried meat — safe from the ravages of a cruel world.

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