CRKT Carson M16 Deadbolt

Rock the lock!
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CRKT’s M16-03DB continues the tradition of this enduring platform in spades,
from its new Deadbolt lock system to a blazingly fast spring-assisted ball bearing action.

Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) has released many innovative folders over their 25-plus years but none more popular than their Kit Carson M16 series. First released in 1999, the M16 was the first mass-produced folding knife with a flipper-opening mechanism. This series has been — and still is — so popular it has never left the CRKT line and has spurned a blinding number of variants since its original release. The latest includes a new locking design — dubbed “Deadbolt” — that’s as slick as it is strong.

The M16-03DB model is 8.25″ fully extended and at 4.65″ closed. This is a tactical folder with enough size to appreciate a good dog fight but not so much to keep it from being a nicely tote-able EDC. The M19-03DB’s blade is a 3.58″ black stonewashed D2 “semi-stainless” steel Spear Point geared for penetration, making self-defense more a priority over utility. That said, as long as you’re not doing field chores such as carving wood, you can get by just fine with this blade in the urban world. The flipper-activated blade release is nothing short of explosive thanks to CRKT’s spring-assisted opening mechanism and gets even more juice via an IKBS ball bearing pivot system.

The Deadbolt system is located atop the pivot, serving as a push-button release for deploying the blade. It’s simple and requires no visual locating like many locks. The frame itself is black anodized aluminum with a nicely sculpted palm swell and kicked out base, offering excellent purchase. Adding to the M19-03DB’s ease of carry is a reversible, tip-up pocket clip and a very manageable weight of only 4.0 oz.


The Deadbolt’s plunge button mechanism can be located using the tip of
the thumb without visual assistance, making blade deployment easy and swift.

Why You’ll Like It

Attesting to its popularity, the CRKT M16 platform has been morphed into over 75 versions since its release and over 2 million have been sold, many serving our military in overseas conflicts. The M16-03DB is loaded with the latest goodies, from its swift assisted-opening blade roll-out on glass smooth IKBS ball bearings to its easy-to-locate Deadbolt blade deployment system. Better yet, the suggested retail for the M16-03DB is a highly affordable $125 MSRP. Tanto versions are available as well and, true to CRKT form, look for other variations down the road.

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