Concealed Companions

The Art Of Keeping A Low Profile In Everyday Life

The lean and mean Böker Flipper Tactical sports a flipper-only
opening mechanism. Flipper owners love it — and the discreet profile.

To many of us, concealed carry of a firearm is the holy grail of gun ownership — but you don’t have to stop there. Most of us carry a knife as a backup to our firearm as well as other accoutrements on a daily basis. Every little bit helps when it comes to looking inconspicuous. We’ll take a look at some of these other concealment options to help you get even more out of “streamlining” your walk through life. Follow along!

Clandestine Cutters

A knife can be your best friend in situations where you are prohibited from carrying a firearm. Black knives cut down on reflectivity that can give you away. That said, if you wear your shirttail out, you can carry your favorite knife regardless of finish. Folding knives are preferred by most because their carry length is much shorter than a fixed blade. Some prefer a fixer, however, because there are no moving parts to break, and they are quicker on the draw because they don’t require opening.

The all-black Böker Flipper Tactical is one of a long line of offshoots of their popular Kwaiken collaboration with custom knifemaker Lucas Burnley. Stretching out to 8.39″ unfurled, this missile-like folder has a 3.54″ black-coated Tanto blade accessed by a flipper only, which is a-okay because folder users eat this opening mechanism up. The Flipper Tactical sports a trim handle with a blade-matching, black-coated stainless-steel bolster mated with black, grooved G10 composite scales. A liner-lock lurks between the folder’s black liners and there’s a tip-up clip on the backside for pocket carry. If you like sleek and discreet in folders, this is your knife. MSRP is $235.

The Benchmade Bugout uses the proven (and patented) AXIS. Gotta love the
carbon-fiber frame too. It’s a tough and straightforward multipurpose knife.

Benchmade Knives’ Bugout 535-3 is the elite version of the company’s all-the-rage Bugout series. At 7.66″ overall with a 4.22″ handle, this folder is perfectly scripted for the EDC crowd. The Bugout 535-3’s 3.24″ satin-finished premium CPM-S90V stainless steel drop-point blade rolls out via a blue-anodized ambidextrous thumb stud and locks with the company’s patented AXIS lock. The handsome carbon fiber frame is modestly curved, and the handle’s blue-anodized back spacer has a handy, triangulate lanyard hole designed in. A tip-up deep carry pocket clip completes the package. Weight is a svelte 2.02 oz., MSRP is $300. If you don’t require the elite version, there’s a host of more modestly priced Bugouts in the line.

This CRKT LCK + Large, designed by custom knifemaker Matthew
Lerch, is discreetly thin with a black reinforced glass nylon
handle. It’s also affordable at just $54.99 suggested retail.

Wrench, bottle opener, screwdrivers, glass breaker … oh, and a knife!
The CRKT’s Septimo Multi-Tool has it all in a pocket-sized package.

The CRKT LCK + Large, designed by custom knifemaker Matthew Lerch, has everything you look for in a concealable folder — a thin cross section and sleek drop-point-style blade and handle. The closed LCK + Large model is a very manageable 4.53″ (closed) and made of lightweight textured glass reinforced nylon. Weight is a scant 2.80 oz. The 3.62″ 8cr13 MoV (thief grabbing) stainless steel blade opens via a flipper that rolls out on slick IKBS ball bearings and locks up with a liner-lock in the frame. A deep carry tip-up pocket clip aids concealment keeps this lurker at the ready. The LCK + Large affordable $54.99 suggested retail is easy on the wallet.

The Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight packs a 2.94" CPM S30V flat-ground
stainless steel drop-point blade and the familiar, and ambidextrous,
Spydie hole for opening.

Spyderco’s Para-Military series, introduced in 2004, is now in its third generation. We like the all-black Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight for its light load and low-reflective footprint from stem to stern. The Para 3 Lightweight’s 2.94″ CPM S30V flat-ground stainless steel drop-point blade has a tough carbon DLC blade coating with the familiar ambidextrous Spydie hole that opens easily even with a gloved hand. The blade locks into place by way of Spyderco’s patented Compression Lock, conveniently located on the upper rear handle spine. The Para 3 Lightweight’s 4.29″ handle has textured G10 slabs with a black-coated stainless-steel tip-up pocket clip that can be located front or rear. True to its name, the Para 3 Lightweight weighs only 3.4 oz. MSRP is $222.

At just 6.63" overall, just the TOPS Knives 3 Pointer the is a fixed blade
appropriate for EDC. Carry it on the included neck chain or horizontally on the belt.

TOPS Knives’ 3 Pointer is ideal for those who prefer an EDC of the fixed-blade variety. Pay no attention to that deer rack etch on the blade. Like many fixers, this is a crossover cutter that will be just as comfortable in an urban setting as it is outdoors. At 6.63″ overall the 3 Pointer is easy to conceal, and its 3.13″ black traction coated drop-point blade is geared for slicing. The 3.5″ handle has a deep finger choil for superb grip and you can have it two ways — the standard 3 Pointer with linen Micarta scales or a skeletonized version without the scales for extreme stealth. Both models come with a black Kydex Scout sheath which allows horizontal carry on the belt or by ball chain (included) for neck carry. The decked out TOPS 3 Pointer has an MSRP of $125. The skeletonized model is $110.

The Streamlight Microstream gives you a surprising 250 lumens (or a battery-saving
50 lumens for more battery life) in a tiny and rechargeable package.

The SOG PowerAssist is more friendly for true EDC than most multi-tools.
At just 4.1" closed you can carry it in a pocket with or without the clip.

Stealthy Stowaways

Once you’ve got your knife carry in the bag, there are other accoutrements you can work on to get even trimmer and stealthier. Multi-tools are often handier on the job than knives, and for many, they are a job requirement. The same applies for flashlights — and if you want to go all the way, you can even slim down that corpulent wallet from prying eyes. Here are some options:

The SOG PowerAssist has all the features of a large multi-tool but in a more compact, easy to carry size. At 4.1″ closed, the PowerAssist can be easily carried in the pocket and there’s a clip on the backside allowing you to do just that. Fully open at 5.9″ this multi-tool offers a host of functions including heavy-duty pliers, two main blades (one each straight-edge and fully serrated), wire cutter, wire crimper, blasting cap crimper, 3-sided file, large flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, can opener, small and medium screwdrivers, V-cutter and rulers. Better yet, everything is coated in matte black oxide to deter prying eyes. A black nylon pouch is included. MSRP is $474.95.

Columbia River Knife & Tool’s Septimo Multi-Tool is the newest in a long history of the company’s inventive ways to serve up the genre. A 2.86″ Tanto-style blade does the main cutting chores and there’s a deep Veff serration at the base of the main edge for cutting paracord. For cutting safety, a liner-lock mechanism secures the blade while in use. There’s an adjustable wrench for nuts and bolts and a bevy of tools for other chores, including both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a bottle opener and a glass breaker. For easy carry, there’s a pocket clip on the backside of the Septimo Multi-Tool. The whole kit and caboodle is an easy to conceal 4.84″ by 1.25″ and the weight is a manageable 4.40 oz. A tough, black oxide finish makes the compact CRKT Septimo Multi-Tool even stealthier. MSRP of $59.99.

Hey Mack, got a light? The Streamlight Microstream is ideal for slim-lining your flashlight carry. Coming up on 50 years since its inception, Streamlight has been a prime choice of gun owners for both handheld and gun-mounted lights. The 3.87″ Microstream has all the latest technology at your fingertips: two lumen modes (250 high and 50 low), a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery good for four hours and USB port charging accessed by a protective metal sleeve. The Microstream’s machined aircraft aluminum sleeve is tough as nails and matte-anodized for a low-reflective finish. The on-off tail switch is easy to access by feel or sight and there’s a pocket clip for easy carry. MSRP is $27.99, USB cable included.

The American-made Trayvax discreet wallet gives you more security
options to tote the essentials in a more secure front pocket.

The Trayvax Armored Summit minimalist wallet simply rocks. These small, easy-to-conceal wallets are a dime a dozen on the internet, but no one does them better than Trayvax. A pioneer in the niche, Trayvax wallets are American made — rare in itself considering most come from China. The Armored Summit is a miniscule 2.25″ by 3.75″ with protective RFID blocking black Melonite coated stainless steel top and bottom plates. A strap allows you to adjust the depth of the wallet to your desired thickness (up to seven cards) and a strap gives the option of keeping cash dollars on the outside. Suggested retail of the Trayvax Armored Summit is $34.99. 

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