Competition Electronics ProChrono DLX


At first glance, the ProChrono DLX looks like many other traditional chronographs. With its standard 1/4×20 threaded mounting hole, you stick it on a tripod 10 or 15 feet downrange and shoot through the designated area.

The magic happens when you mate it with a companion app running on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Then the ProChrono DLX transmits all results to your smartphone on the bench — no wires or fuss.

The system re-calculates string data with every shot and stores your results forever. This new model improves accuracy to within 0.5 percent and measures the velocity of most anything between 20 and 9,999 feet per second (sorry, if you have a magnetic rail cannon, you’re out of luck). You can export the data to other apps if you like. As a reloader and avid shooter, this is the handiest range accessory I’ve seen in a long time. MSRP: $134.95.

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