Cold Steel 1911 Sword Cane


Confession time — I carry a sword cane almost daily, mostly to help my achy lower back. But there’s just a teeny-tiny bit of me who would love to have to explain to the local gendarmes just why I “had” to run some malcontent through as he tried to do injury to my family. I’m betting you understand — completely. This latest from Cold Steel doesn’t have a cutting edge, but is a brawny length of fluted 10mm 4116 stainless steel guaranteed to punch a .40 caliber hole through just about anything you poke with it. The best part? You can customize the 1911 grip with virtually any 1911 grip you fancy. It arrives at your door (if you live in a “free” state) with a pebbled black grip, but I instantly switched out to a polymer “ivory” look. At $109, it’s both dapper yet still formidable to an unsuspecting immoral villain. Perhaps someday you’ll read an Ayoob Files about me?

MSRP: $109

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