Chest Is Best For Big Guns


Whether haulin’ hoglegs, or heavy hammers of any persuasion, chest is best for your handgun rig! Anyone who’s carried a heavy handgun knows this! A good chest rig spreads the weight of your gun across a larger area, letting your shoulders do the brunt of the work, while keeping the gun snugged close to your torso, so close, it’s barely noticeable. And chest rigs cradle your shooter higher, so wading/crossing streams during outdoor activities won’t soak your shooter.

Yet, your gun is accessible, maybe more so than a hip rig. Accessibility is fast and natural. It provides a feeling of security, as it should, by always being there. If doing a lot of strenuous activity, the chest rig is right for you. There’s no subconscious leaning to offset the constant pulling like that of a heavy belt gun.

Yep, give me a good chest rig for when the terrain is tough, steep and far. It’s always more comfortable! Over time, I’ve developed some opinions on good chest rigs (don’t we all?) and want to share my thoughts with you. Here are some of my favorites.

Simply Rugged Chesty Puller

The name alone says it all, and I’ve got to say it is my favorite name for a chest rig. Rob Leahy named his famous rig after one of the most revered Marine Corps Generals of all time. What’s nice about Rob’s rig is the ability to use your Simply Rugged pancake holster by simply adding shoulder straps to it.

Like everything coming out of the Simply Rugged shop, Rob uses heavy leather straps and hardware. You’ll never wear out a Simply Rugged rig. A tandem shoulder/waist system, with an added belt anchor, keeps your gun tight to your chest, as it should, while being readily accessible. No matter what pancake holster you have of Rob’s, it can easily be converted with his “Chesty Puller” strap kit, or the whole rig can be ordered together.

Either way, you’re getting a high-quality rig that keeps your gun at the ready. Rob offers many different stampings, carving and styles for his holsters.

Learn more at

Barranti Leather NW Hunter

Doc Barranti makes one of the prettiest chest rigs out there. His harness is very comfortable, with its heavily padded shoulder strap. Carrying your gun all day has never been easier with this system. Doc uses brass “D” rings on his rig for a durable, practical work of art. His NW Hunter holster has a retention strap for added security. Scoped handguns are no problem, as Doc alters his holster for a perfect fit.

Doc also offers a “T” converter, allowing you to convert your favorite belt holster to chest rig status using the same NW Hunter harness system for added versatility. Doc’s work is top notch, and you’d be hard pressed to find a finer rig.

Learn more at

Diamond D Guides Choice

Dave Johnson’s outfit, Diamond D in Wasilla, AK is well known by sourdoughs, bush pilots and fellow Alaskans. Diamond D’s stalwart chest rig is considered the original great Alaskan chest holster. Whether fishing, hiking, camping, or working outdoors, the Guides Choice keeps your gun close and handy, without getting in the way while enjoying your activities.
Johnson can customize any holster for your handgun needs. For my rig, he altered the holster design for my Springfield Armory 10mm Long Slide, with red dot sight before red dot sights were popular. It turned out perfect. Johnson’s rig is traditionally simple, light and just plain works! I like it a lot.

Learn more at

A Trio Of Perfection

All these chest rigs have well thought out designs allowing you to keep your shooter close at hand while enjoying your outdoor activities. Check out their websites and see what they all have to offer. And remember, chest is best for carrying your heavy hammer outdoors.

For interest’s sake, all the models in the above pictures are the owners themselves sporting their own rigs. Kind of puts a face on the product, eh? They’re all stand-up men, offering top quality goods at fair prices. Check them out and show some support! You won’t be sorry.

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