CCW Breakaways


I love playing with firearms, but I hate carrying them and have tried most every conceivable carry option. If the objective standard is comfort, then they all pretty much suck. Enter CCW Breakaways.

CCW Breakaways are pants with a pair of reinforced adjustable holsters built in. Fold the bottom up and secure it with Velcro to optimize the holster for your particular carry gun. Just slide your hand into your pocket, grasp your hidden handgun, and pop your wrist forward to breakaway the garment and present your firearm.

The holster is big enough to pack a serious handgun, but the gun’s weight is a consideration. I found it worked better with my G42 and G43 and similar-sized heaters. The pants exhibit better quality than the sort you’ll find at a clothing store, all for about $75. CCW Breakaways can help keep you comfortably prickly.

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