A Job Well Done

Satisfaction comes from doing a well-done job on a specific task, something missing today in the “buy it now, throw it away later” society we live in. I try to live by the pioneer code “if it’s broke, fix it” mentality. A sense of pride emerges when you make or fix something yourself, let alone the money you save.

Whether I need ’em right away or not, casting a pile of bullets just makes me feel better. I’m doing something positive, it gives me time to think as I rhythmically pour, cut sprue, tap open mold blocks, tap handle hinges to drop bullets … repeat.

As I solve both my problems and the world’s — cogitating as I cast — time flies by. Before I know it there’s a heaping pile of potential shooting fun sitting before me, waiting to be powder coated, sized and loaded. I have bean cans, coffee cans and plastic containers full of bullets just waiting to be loaded and shot.