Less Can Be More

I was on a hunt in Texas many years ago and my guide was using a .30-30 with very quiet, low-recoiling loads for use on jackrabbits. I inquired about his loads and he told me he was using 6.5 grains of Red Dot. For cast bullets I’ve been doing the same thing ever since. In my Super 14 Contender with a 5X Burris scope this charge under the 115-gr. .32-20 Lyman #311316 gas-check bullet, muzzle velocity is a very easy-shooting 1,350 fps. This one groups three shots into 3/8" at 75 yards.

The same load clocks 1,460 fps in a 24" barreled Contender rifle with 3-10X scope in place, resulting in 1" groups. (I never could shoot a rifle as well as I can shoot a handgun.)

In the receiver sighted 24" Marlin I especially like the Oregon Trail 170-gr. FN with 6.5 grains of Red Dot for an extremely pleasant 1,165 fps and very close to one-hole groups at 45 yards. This load also shoots exceptionally well in my century-old Winchesters.