N82 Tactical Pro Tandem Holster

The holster duo of Nate Squared has a brand new and very comfy product on the market. I’ve used a couple of their original models for years with a Springfield Armory XD-S and SIG SAUER P229 and, if pressed, I’d admit it’s the most comfortable holster I’ve tried. The new Pro Tandem model takes a play from the N82 Tactical Professional playbook with its polycarbonate shell that provides “sorta active, sorta passive” retention — just twist the butt of the handgun towards your body as you draw to unlock the gun from the holster shell. There are no moving parts but your gun isn’t going anywhere until you want it to. As the name implies, the Pro Tandem sports two belt clips, spaced far apart for stability. Mount them in different positions to customize ride height and cant angle. The generous backing is made from the Nates’ trademark three-layer design: suede on the inside for comfort and friction support, neoprene in the middle to prevent sweat from going out and gun oil from coming in, and a leather exterior that plays nice with the finish of your gun. I’ve been using one for a Springfield Armory 1911 TRP (no lightweight!), and it carries beautifully. The large suede surface does an amazing job of distributing weight. www.n82tactical.com