Built To High-Quality Standards, The Features On GPO Scopes Count


GPO Scope

When it comes to hunting and precision long-range shooting the optics invariably make the difference, so when I had a chance to peruse the product line and specifications of scope models from GPO (German Precision Optics) I paid attention.

Having hunted for more than five decades in all kinds of conditions, it’s become my opinion most big-game hunters are well served by variable scopes in the 3-9X class, and GPO has one they consider “entry-premium.”

On the other hand, for long-range precision challenges, my preference is for a variable capable of zooming up to 20X or 24X, and sure enough, this German-based company offers some splendid choices. Once out on the South Dakota plains I was shooting prairie dogs out to 300 and 400 yards, and at this range, when you’re trying to make a precise shot on a target that might be no larger than a soda can, you really need to zoom in. The high-power scope on my rifle at the time made a critical difference when the little buggers wouldn’t offer much more than their head for a target.

GPO Scope

But let’s talk typical big-game hunting first. I like the 3-9X range because it’s pretty close to the 8X or 10X magnification range found in most popular hunting binocular models. So, you see a similar-sized image through the binocular you’ll want to see when you level a scope on target.

GPO’s Passion 3 model is a 3-9x42mm built on a 1" main tube. It comes standard with five caliber-specific turret rings pre-engraved to match Hornady ammunition in .223 Rem., 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., .30-06 Springfield and .300 Win. Mag.

Always check the specs, and in this case, it’s a worthy investment of a few minutes. The Passion 3 model has a field of view spanning 45 feet at 100 yards at low power, and tightens up to 17 feet when cranked up to 9 power. It’s got 3.75" of eye relief, is ¼-MOA click adjustable and measures 11.7" long.

The 3-9X42mm model weighs a comfortable 14.1 oz., and it comes with a Plex reticle. The turrets feature metal caps. Lenses feature GPO bright lens coating and it has a fast-focus ocular.

GPO Scope

In GPO’s Passion 4 series, the specs found on the 6-24X50mm model make you wonder if it was designed by a varmint hunter. Built on a 30mm main tube with an MOA reticle and MOA target turrets, the Passion 4’s magnification range addresses a lot of different hunting conditions — from timbered highlands to the wide open spaces in eastern Montana and the Dakotas to Wyoming all the way down to the Panhandle.

Weighing 27.2 oz., this variable power scope would work well on any varmint or tactical rifle, and for precision shooting off a bench. It has ¼-MOA click adjustments, is 15.4" long and offers 4" of eye relief.

The 50mm objective lens is big enough to pull in all the available light possible, and deliver a sharp edge-to-edge image. This one also features GPO bright lens coating technology and a 104" adjustment range.

GPO Scope

GPO Scope

All of these scopes are designed and engineered in Germany.

Plenty of rings and bases are available to match the scopes to most any rifle.

There are five series of scopes in the Passion family, from Passion 3 to Passion 8. There’s another scope series dubbed the GPOTAC, and there are two models designed for tactical use.

Also, there are three classes of binoculars, the Passion, Passion ED and Passion HD models. They are all center-focus roof prism models with lots of features.

For more info: https://www.gp-optics.com