Sights, Sling

The huge carry handle houses the fully adjustable rear sight, although only elevation is adjustable without tools. Windage is adjusted by loosening a small Allen-head screw accessible through a round window in the back of the carry handle and manually sliding the aperture left or right. A small scale is provided for reference. Just below this window is a larger one allowing you to see what range the aperture is set to for elevation.

The front sight is cast integrally with the retro-style sight block. It’s a Patridge-style front, and proved too low to zero the gun at 100 yards — the only stumbling block I had during testing. As it turns out, this first batch of pre-production BRN-10s had a too-high front sight. The front is now machined taller on production models, and the rear sight has two settings higher so shooters can get a 100-yard zero if they wish.

The side-mounted front swivel is also integral with the front sight block and accepted an M-14 sling for range testing (to keep with the Retro look), but any 1 or 1-1/4" sling will fit. The rear swivel is pinned to the plastic stock and does not rotate.