Böker Rangebuster

Elegent farmer’s knife is upscale classic
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The Böker Rangebuster is a modern take on a classic pattern, featuring elegant styling,
upscale steel and a superb degree of fit and finish.

One of the oldest members of the traditional pocketknife family, the Sodbuster has a foggy past. It derives its name from the hardscrabble folks of the Dust Bowl era in the late 1930s, often referred to as “Sodbusters” — but some say the knife resembles the much earlier Clasp Knife dating back to Roman times.

Regardless, the Sodbuster is mostly thought of as a humble farmer’s knife and most are manufactured today in inexpensive synthetic Delrin handles. Böker Knives has changed all that with their slick, elegant Rangebuster — a thoroughly modern take on the old yet still popular pattern.

The Böker Rangerbuster, 6.73″ in overall length, has a much more stylish profile. While many of the originals have a straight blade spine, the Rangebuster has a graceful 3.03″ drop point of upscale N690 high-end stainless steel with a traditional nail nick for opening the blade. The classic brass bird’s eye pivot is still there but the 3.75″ handle sports more graceful curves and a wider, flared base.

A lock-back mechanism has been added and liners have been shucked for a rigid, nicely contoured and polished maroon linen Micarta frame. The fit and finish are impeccable and the blade locks in place with the profound “snick” you expect in a fine traditional pocketknife. The Rangebuster is far from a farmer’s knife.


While traditional Sodbusters were typically slip joints, Böker has added a lock-back
mechanism to assure the deployed blade locks rigidly in place.

Why You’ll Like It

The Böker Rangebuster is a downright handsome knife. It’s an everyday carry standing out in a crowd of modern silver and black fare. While it doesn’t have a pocket clip, its slim width and 1.52-oz. weight will be well hidden in the pocket and won’t drag your britches down. The Rangebuster’s upscale N690 cuts like the premium steel it is and if you need it to act like a workhorse, it will plow with the best of them. Made in Solingen, Germany where Böker’s best knives are made, suggested retail for the Rangebuster is $229.


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