Alpha, Bravo & Echo

Built with a primarily tubular steel frame and non-slip rubber stock rest, the Alpha, Bravo and Echo Shooting Rests provide a rigid platform for bench shooting most full-size rifles and AR pistols with barrels as short as 7.5” long.

Ideal for prone shooting, the Alpha and Bravo Shooting Rest feature a low-profile design with adjustable leveling feet and a built-in bubble level to confirm a level shooting position, while ambidextrous controls with oversized knobs allow for ample elevation adjustments. The Alpha also offers 2” of windage adjustments.

Featuring more polymer supports than the previous two, the Echo Shooting Rest also offers front and rear leveling feet and elevation adjustments.

MSRP is $229.99 for the Alpha Shooting Rest, $129.99 for the Bravo Shooting Rest and $89.99 for the Echo Shooting Rest.