Big Blast Target Caps

Recycling Plastic Was Never More Fun

A suppressed .22 pistol allows you to shoot without muffs to enjoy the boom, but be forewarned.
The explosion at modest ranges is loud indeed.

Big Blast Target Caps turn plastic bottles into thunderous reactive targets. They come with a
mesh bag to capture the bottle during inflation in the event of unintended detonation!

There’s a floating island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas. Why? Well, where once our drinking water came from a tap, nowadays it comes in plastic bottles. And that “island” is where many of them end up. While recycling all the plastic is the obvious earth-friendly solution, now Big Blast Target Caps let you have fun doing it.

Big Blast Target Caps are reusable plastic caps that transform plastic bottles into powerful reactive targets. All carbonated beverage bottles up to 2-liter have the same thread pitch and are perfectly suited for them. Most heavyweight water bottles will work as well, though the flimsy sort with the short caps lack sufficient neck length to seal. Thread the cap tightly in place and then secure it to something substantial with a piece of string run through the eyelet on the cap. This keeps the cap from launching off into the stratosphere upon detonation.

The cap incorporates a rubber valve of the sort used on basketballs. Poke an inflator needle through the cap and pressurize the bottle to between 60 and 80 psi. A bicycle pump works fine, but the portable compressor I keep in my truck takes about five seconds. Toss the bottle downrange, observe all the standard shooting safety rules, and go to town.

Thin-walled water bottles will explode in response to Airsoft shot. Anything from a pellet gun to a howitzer will take care of everything else. The amount of racket is dependent upon how stout the bottle is, but it can be prodigious. Add a little liquid, powder, or handy detritus for extra chaos. Retrieve the caps, toss the mess in the recycling bin, and repeat as necessary. Big Blast Target Caps are great clean fun. And like the ad says, they’ll “make your bottles go boom.”

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